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Tamil Tales: 3 Cinematic Marvels That Stole the Spotlight

Relax and unwind while you pick up the best in terms of  new Tamil movies on aha. Here, you get a complete collection of new releases alongside original content. aha has something for every viewer, with a variety of genres available. Let us dive into the unique worlds of three movies to watch on aha Movies – Harkara, Red Sandal Wood, and Yaaro.

Watch Iconic Tamil Top Movies: 

Here, we talk about three Tamil movies that have been iconic to grip the audience with their entertaining and interesting content.

  • Harkara:

Enjoy an exciting journey into history as you watch Harkara. It is a gripping drama that chronicles the development of the postal service from its humble beginnings. The story started when man was first appointed to carry mail across faraway lands till it modernized and grew in complexity.

Ram Arun Castro, who directs and acts in the film “Harkara,” is greatly assisted by writer Ma. Kamadhurai and M. Vediayappan. They weave a story that fascinates the audience’s attention. The main cast includes stellar portrayals by Banu, Balu Bose, and Ram Arun Castro himself. This aha historical drama connects the dots of time, an account of a postman’s legacy.

  • Red Sandal Wood:

Strap in for this action thriller, “Red Sandal Wood,” written by and directed by Guru Ramaanujam. An aspiring boxer from North Madras travels to Renigunta looking for his girlfriend’s missing brother. Unfortunately, he has no idea that this search will reveal a crime of red sandalwood smuggling.

This aha movie starring Vetri, Diya Mayuri, and Ramachandra Raju is jam-packed with gripping action sequences that make for an entertaining watch.

  • Yaaro:

Develop a shiver down your spine through the horror thriller “Yaaro,” directed and written by Sandeep Sai. The story revolves around the character of a man named John, played by Venkat Reddy, who lives in seclusion in a palatial villa on ECR. However, following a chain of unfortunate events that led to his father`s unidentified disappearance and the tragic loss of both parents, the fraudulent side came out in John.

Upasana RC and J. Durai Raj, along with Venkat Reddy, put in outstanding performances to further enhance the thrill and horror aspects of the movie. The movie Yaaro on aha Movies is a wild ride of emotions and supernatural mysteries.

aha- The Ultimate Platform For Gripping Tamil Movies: 

aha can be considered to serve broader interests with its collection of original andnew Tamil movies.aha has something for all of you who are in the mood to see historical drama, action thrillers, or chilling horror. Don’t fail to witness the cinematographic marvel of “Harkara,” “Red Sandal Wood,” and “Yaaro” – three pearls in aha’s attention heap.

You can watch the most recent Telugu thriller movies on aha, as mentioned above. aha is one of the top OTT platforms for watching new Tamil and Telugu movies online with friends and family members.

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